About us

Who are we? What do we offer?

EnglidooWe started Englidoo to fix a few big challenges that we found while teaching young children-

  • Many students are tough British English, but most media they view is in American English
  • There isn’t many options that teach young kids before they can read or write
  • Many online English programs are too general.

At Englidoo we are aiming to fix these issues. Our teachers are from the United States, specifically California, so you and your child will be learning and developing an accent very similar to the one you hear in movies and shows from Hollywood.

Our teachers are experienced, they have many years of teaching young children from 2-10 years old. We created our program using that experience to teach children and their parents the most useful English-- words and phrases and conversations they will use everyday. Our experience with using other English programs has allowed us to innovate our approach to be the most useful for you and your children.

The best part!

You can start this program as soon as your child can speak! We made our lessons specifically to ensure that your child can listen, repeat and learn new words before they even get to kindergarten, putting them at a great advantage over their classmates.

As teachers we know how difficult it can be for some students to learn in a classroom environment, learning and mental disabilities can cause your child to fall behind. Our program is personalized, it gives your student a chance to practice every day for a few minutes, using a variety of media including videos, online games, and printable worksheets. Our experience teaching children with various learning styles ensures that any child will be able to learn from our program, and enjoy doing so!

Why Englidoo? Why learn English with us?

Studies have shown time and time again that it is so important for children to learn more than one language. It improves their brains’ ability to learn new information and can help them in other subjects. Ages 3-7 are the absolute best time for your child to begin their learning journey because they are still able to learn naturally.

In a world where everything is online, from video games to social media, it is important that children learn how to use technology for improving their knowledge. Englidoo provides children with a healthy, safe way to spend their time online.

Englidoo teaches using a natural progression-- using a variety of learning styles like short videos, onlines games and printable worksheets. It's a complete experience that can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time. English is a wonderful language to learn, and possibly one of the most important second languages to have. Learning English at a young age opens doors to a world of opportunities. English is a global language that is widely spoken and understood across different countries and cultures. By studying English early on, children can participate in today’s interconnected world.

Not only does it open their world, with Englidoo, you can bring your family closer together. With Englidoo’s focus on teaching useful, everyday English parents and their children can come together to learn a new skill and spend quality time with each other.